"Our subscribers were raving and pleading that we bring back the Quintet next year."

A Great Time at The "Passion" CD Launch Party

By Jeremy Webb in "Off The Leash" in the Chronicle Herald

The Rhapsody Quintet knows how to launch a CD and I’ll share with you their exclusive recipe.

Pick a rainy, gusty night when no-one wants to be outside (check!) Choose a venue that supplies great food and ambiance (Le Bistro on South Park Street in Halifax will do very nicely, so check!) Pack the place with supporters, fans and friends until it is standing room only (checkity check!) Play samples of the CD to prove that it’s as good as those fans hope (and check.)

I had a delightful time cradling a lovely glass of red, listening to Rhapsody Quintet as they launched Passion, their new double disc. One disc entitled Eclectica has everything from a Beatles medley, to Nearer My God To Thee. The second disc, called Tangos, contains 13 tango tracks, all with Rhapsody’s five-piece perfection.

For more on Passion, including audio samples of all its tracks, visit rhapsodyquintet.com.